How Often Do Tourists Fly to New Delhi From London?

If you’re considering to visit India, you’re probably interested in what cities the majority of others choose. India is a big and beautiful country, so naturally, there are many places that are popular among tourists. The statistics point out that there are top ten cities in India that receive 7,591,112 visitors annually. So, where are they come from and what Indian city is the leader in attracting tourists?

Who Travels to India?

There are top three countries where most tourists interested in India come from. Namely:

  • Bangladesh;
  • The United States;
  • The United Kingdom.

In particular, the United Kingdom represents 941,881 tourists in India, and London is among the top three cities in the aforementioned three countries that produce the biggest number of tourists overall. So, thousands of Londoners come to India yearly. What cities do they choose?

Which Indian Cities Are Most Popular?

If to compare the data for the last decade, it’s obvious that tourism in India has grown by at least 8%. It means that more and more people choose India as their destination, bringing their money to the country’s budget and leaving with unforgettable expressions. Among the top three most visited Indian cities, there are:

  • Delhi;
  • Mumbai;
  • Haridaspur.

Delhi, in particular, accepts 29.73% of all tourists, which amounts to 2,617,304 people annually, and New Delhi, being the center of the capital, is the place the majority come to.

So, to answer the question of how often Londoners visit New Dehli, the answer is, very often. There are thousands of Londoners coming to New Dehli annually and this number continues to grow. Why do these tourists choose to board London to New Delhi flight, though?

Reasons That Make New Delhi So Popular

New Delhi has many points of interest that intrigue tourists in general and Londoners in particular. London and New Delhi differ drastically in styles, so the contrast is stark. The brightness of colors, Art Deco style of the buildings, and spiritual focus of the latter are the main differences explaining such interest.  

Lotus Temple is a unique building regarded as one of the most beautiful Indian landmarks. Unlike any building in London, its unusual form is fascinating to both religious people and simply curious visitors. Another place of interest is Iskcon Temple, a colorful building that will impress even those who traveled all over the world. Apart from visual looks, it offers an amazing sight at the surrounding New Delhi places, so it’s a must for every Londoner.

London is one of the top cities that produces the biggest number of tourists who visit Delhi. The frequency of people choosing London to New Delhi flight is explained by the city’s unique design and style that differs from that Londoners are used to.  

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