When Does Flight Check-in Begin?

In order to not be in hurry and do not miss your flight, it is critically important to carefully calculate when to be at the airport and undergo flight check-in on time. As a general rule, the optimal time for your arrival depends on the flight direction, the availability of checked-in baggage and, of course, on personal qualities of the passenger. Those who fly abroad with their luggage should arrive in advance to have enough time for luggage and self-check-in. Of course, there is no need for you to arrive early if you have already registered online.

Previously, check-in at most airports began two hours before the plane departure. However, now some airlines can check in passengers much earlier – about a day/ two days before the departure. Most often, check-in for foreign flights ends 40-60 minutes before the flight time. When it comes to domestic flights, this time is reduced to 40-30 minutes before the departure. It is better to find out the exact time of the beginning and end of registration directly in the help desk or on the carrier’s website.

As an alternative option, many carriers allow you to register online. As a rule, it opens the day before the departure and ends a couple of hours before the flight. It is also better to clarify online check-in time in advance.

All You Need to Know

If you have already been to the airport of departure more than once, then you should approximately imagine how long it will take for you to reach the check-in counters. It is better to arrive at an unfamiliar airport in advance: there are several terminals in large airport complexes. It may sometimes take more than half an hour to get from the airport doors to the check-in area, so you have to use special shuttle buses or trains.

  • At some airports there is a very serious control at the entrance: there are significant queues that can also take time.
  • Get extra time if you want to pack your luggage, in case you are going to stamp tax-free checks (as a rule, it is not easy to find a customs office).
  • The path from the check-in counters to the gate can also take a long time; the departure gate is sometimes quite far away, and passengers will have to undergo various inspections along the way.

Therefore, it is better to arrive at the airport having some extra time in your reserve. Thus, you will not have to worry about being on time and missing the flight.

You need to consider several issues in order to come to the airport on time. You should care about the transport and the possible delays. It is always better to come in advance than being in hurry before your travel. Nobody needs being nervous when starting a journey. That’s why you need to think about all the options in advance.

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