Is There a Service in the Aircraft?

Most travelers think that they need to pay extra for additional airline options (the ones they might not know about), so they don’t even try to use them. We have decided to collect all the major offers for you to get acquainted with the most interesting additional services and use them completely free of charge during the flight – from slippers to excursions. read more

When Does Flight Check-in Begin?

In order to not be in hurry and do not miss your flight, it is critically important to carefully calculate when to be at the airport and undergo flight check-in on time. As a general rule, the optimal time for your arrival depends on the flight direction, the availability of checked-in baggage and, of course, on personal qualities of the passenger. Those who fly abroad with their luggage should arrive in advance to have enough time for luggage and self-check-in. Of course, there is no need for you to arrive early if you have already registered online. read more

How to Buy and Use an E-ticket?

The main thing that every traveler should remember is that there is always an opportunity to save time and buy an e-ticket for a flight. From a legal point of view, an electronic ticket is no different from a paper one. At the same time, it is more convenient to purchase and more reliable to use. The advantages of an electronic air ticket include the following: read more

How Often Do Tourists Fly to New Delhi From London?

If you’re considering to visit India, you’re probably interested in what cities the majority of others choose. India is a big and beautiful country, so naturally, there are many places that are popular among tourists. The statistics point out that there are top ten cities in India that receive 7,591,112 visitors annually. So, where are they come from and what Indian city is the leader in attracting tourists? read more