Is There a Service in the Aircraft?

Most travelers think that they need to pay extra for additional airline options (the ones they might not know about), so they don’t even try to use them. We have decided to collect all the major offers for you to get acquainted with the most interesting additional services and use them completely free of charge during the flight – from slippers to excursions.

#1 – Accessories for a Comfortable Stay

There are some free services in the aircraft of which you may not be aware of. Even during a short flight, a passenger has the right to ask flight attendants for blankets, pillows, and sleep masks – all of these items are included in the list of mandatory services. On long-haul flights, passengers are to receive personal hygiene kits, including toothpaste, soap, wet wipes, and some airlines have lip balm and hand cream – all for free.

#2 – Special Menu

If a passenger buys a ticket no later than 24 hours before departure, then he can discuss the menu with a company representative and choose his preferred one. Most airlines have several options for food: diet, baby, lean, vegetarian, and even kosher. And you do not have to pay extra pay for it.

#3 – Snacks and Soda Can

Each passenger can get additional snacks – nuts, chips, crackers, cookies, etc. Unfortunately, not all airlines have this service. But you should not hesitate to ask the stewardess about it.

#4 – The Drinks

It is believed that you have to pay for drinks on board if it is not water, juice, tea, or coffee. It turns out that the list of free drinks in the aircraft has long been expanded. For example, the popular drink hot chocolate may be available for free on board your aircraft. read more

When Does Flight Check-in Begin?

In order to not be in hurry and do not miss your flight, it is critically important to carefully calculate when to be at the airport and undergo flight check-in on time. As a general rule, the optimal time for your arrival depends on the flight direction, the availability of checked-in baggage and, of course, on personal qualities of the passenger. Those who fly abroad with their luggage should arrive in advance to have enough time for luggage and self-check-in. Of course, there is no need for you to arrive early if you have already registered online.

Previously, check-in at most airports began two hours before the plane departure. However, now some airlines can check in passengers much earlier – about a day/ two days before the departure. Most often, check-in for foreign flights ends 40-60 minutes before the flight time. When it comes to domestic flights, this time is reduced to 40-30 minutes before the departure. It is better to find out the exact time of the beginning and end of registration directly in the help desk or on the carrier’s website.

As an alternative option, many carriers allow you to register online. As a rule, it opens the day before the departure and ends a couple of hours before the flight. It is also better to clarify online check-in time in advance.

All You Need to Know

If you have already been to the airport of departure more than once, then you should approximately imagine how long it will take for you to reach the check-in counters. It is better to arrive at an unfamiliar airport in advance: there are several terminals in large airport complexes. It may sometimes take more than half an hour to get from the airport doors to the check-in area, so you have to use special shuttle buses or trains. read more

How to Buy and Use an E-ticket?

The main thing that every traveler should remember is that there is always an opportunity to save time and buy an e-ticket for a flight. From a legal point of view, an electronic ticket is no different from a paper one. At the same time, it is more convenient to purchase and more reliable to use. The advantages of an electronic air ticket include the following:

  • the impossibility of its loss;
  • no risk of forgery;
  • zero possibility of damage.

Using the same ticket does not imply any difficulties at all. In order to register, you only need to show the passport you used for purchasing an electronic ticket. For children, the presented document is a birth certificate. After the information is verified with the database, you will receive a boarding pass. However, you should take into consideration that some airlines require a bank card you used when purchasing the ticket online. If you used other payment systems or cash to pay for the ticket, you will not have to submit anything other than an identity document.

In some airlines, the registration procedure is extremely simplified: you can go through it yourself using the self-service terminal directly at the airport, or online at the company’s website. This approach will save you time and nerves because you will not need to queue up.

You can find all the necessary information about the flight on the itinerary receipt, which you can print yourself at any convenient time. Although you can lose a printed ticket yourself, the booking confirmation email will not be deleted. In addition, in some airports, the itinerary is required when passing through passport control. Do not forget that the computer systems may have some failures, so having a receipt, you will feel more confident in the event of a system crash. Also, at the entrance to some airports, a receipt may be requested by the aviation security service. read more

How Often Do Tourists Fly to New Delhi From London?

If you’re considering to visit India, you’re probably interested in what cities the majority of others choose. India is a big and beautiful country, so naturally, there are many places that are popular among tourists. The statistics point out that there are top ten cities in India that receive 7,591,112 visitors annually. So, where are they come from and what Indian city is the leader in attracting tourists?

Who Travels to India?

There are top three countries where most tourists interested in India come from. Namely:

  • Bangladesh;
  • The United States;
  • The United Kingdom.

In particular, the United Kingdom represents 941,881 tourists in India, and London is among the top three cities in the aforementioned three countries that produce the biggest number of tourists overall. So, thousands of Londoners come to India yearly. What cities do they choose?

Which Indian Cities Are Most Popular?

If to compare the data for the last decade, it’s obvious that tourism in India has grown by at least 8%. It means that more and more people choose India as their destination, bringing their money to the country’s budget and leaving with unforgettable expressions. Among the top three most visited Indian cities, there are:

  • Delhi;
  • Mumbai;
  • Haridaspur.

Delhi, in particular, accepts 29.73% of all tourists, which amounts to 2,617,304 people annually, and New Delhi, being the center of the capital, is the place the majority come to.

So, to answer the question of how often Londoners visit New Dehli, the answer is, very often. There are thousands of Londoners coming to New Dehli annually and this number continues to grow. Why do these tourists choose to board London to New Delhi flight, though? read more